"Justin McKenna" Board

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Backgammon Set Dimensions:

Closed Length: 38 cm
Closed Width: 50,7cm
Closed Height: 7 cm

Open Lenght : 77 cm
Open Width: 50,7 cm
Open Height: 3,5 cm
Weight: 5 kg

Backgammon Set Materials: 
Case Material 1: Long Lasting Exclusive Pine tree
Exterior Surface : High Quality Leather
Case Color: Green
Surface Material: Specially produced FM fabric that provides unique satisfaction for the checker glide and dice movements.
Surface Height: 47,9 cm
Surface Width: 26,9 cm

Clasp Style: Magnet
Handle: High Quality Leather ( Brown )

Suitable Backgammon Checker Sizes:
Diameter: 44,5 mm 
Thickness: 12 mm 
Material: Polyester and Acrylic
Style: Optional
Weight: 20gr - 22gr (1pcs)

Cube Dimensions:
FM Wood Doubling Cube with Dice Storage
Material: Wooden
Cube Color: Green
Weight: 64gr
Dimensions: 5cm x 5cm x 5cm 

Backgammon Cup Dimensions:
Cup Height: 7,5cm
Cup Diameter: 5cm
Cup Exterior: Wooden
Cup Interior: Fabric
Cup Color: Green

Scoreboard : 
Material: Leather and Plastic
Height: 10,5cm
Width: 21,5cm    
Length: 8cm    
Carrying Bag : 
Material: Quality Leather Massenger Bag
Color: Brown
Dimensions: 60cm x 45cm x 10cm

Free accessories and free services included in the price of the product:

40mm FM Wood Doubling Cube with Dice Storage , 
FM Scoreboard ,
2 Dice Cups, 
1 set (30 pcs) Checker,
Carrying Bag, 

with 1 pairs  Precision Dice


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Just Dream !

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Justin McKenna - 6 Eylül 2022 Salı 05:03

I am so proud that this board has my name on it. The project started after I competed in the 14th Istavder Tavla Backgammon Feast in Istanbul in April 2022. I had a wonderful time, played in several compelling matches, and enjoyed Istanbul very much. Some time after my trip, I was told that an FM board was going to be designed with my input, and that it would have my name on it. Because I really love the color green, I picked out green stained wood with brown leather trim. The compact size is really nice, with the board not being too heavy and fitting perfectly in the leather carry bag. Top class all around! I love my black and gold checkers, but I think the green and white checkers shown on the FM website would also look beautiful. I love playing on this board, and I would be honored if anyone bought one of these boards because of how they look, or because of my videos about this or other FMGammon boards. Cheers!

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