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This is a masterpiece Backgammon Table by FMGammon -- a  well known brand in Europe & Middle East. 

The original idea of producing a backgammon table came from the idea of having a unique stage for tournaments in Turkey & Cyprus. We all know tournaments are cancelled for the forseeable future. Still, the end product came out to be so cool that we decided to market this product & here you go!!

The whole table is handcrafted from wallnut tree in Istanbul, Turkey. The product is designed to have a removable surface. Meaning you can replace the colors of the playing surface with a click!  As a matter of fact, we are offering this board with two removable surfaces. 


Why the Michi Board, from FMGammon?
1.    This is not only a dedicated backgammon table; it can function as a 4-person dining table in your home or as a meeting table in the office by simply covering it with a custom-cut glass cover.

2.    The board is designed to provide a great viewing angle for chouette and live tournament games with spectators.

3.    The playing surfaces are designed as replaceable parts with 27cm by 54cm dimensions, meaning the colors and textures of the playing surface can be easily changed and will never wear out.

4.    The bear off trays can accommodate any checker thickness, depending on your preference, using a 44.5mm diameter checker.

5.    The raw material of the board is 8cm thick natural Walnut with a unique treatment taking a minimum of one month to complete. The fabrication procedures involve carving the wood with a computer numerical control (CNC) robot, creating a stunning and dedicated legacy backgammon board that will last for generations.

6.    Each table is composed of a large section of natural walnut, with its own unique character and appearance. After the raw wood material of this board is subjected to the unique surface preparation and retrofitted with its game board profiles, the durability of this dedicated board is unmatched, providing a stunning gaming experience that will last for generations.


Sales Price : Ask Price..  ( Shipping and all accessories Included )

Interior Frame : 

Exterior Surface : High Quality Natural Wood ( Walnut )

Playing Surface : Specially produced FM fabric that provides unique satisfaction for the checker glide and dice movements.

Dimensions :

Table Dimensions : 80 cm ( 31.5" ) X 130 cm ( 51.1" ) X  76 cm ( 30" ) 

Thickness of the table : 4.5 cm ( 1.75” )

Playing Field : 27*54 cm * 2 =. 54*54

Checkers :

Diameter : 44.5mm / 1.75"

Thickness : 12.5 mm 

Free accessories and free services included in the price of the product:

 40mm FM Wood Doubling Cube with dice storage , FM Scoreboard – 2 pairs of precision dice, , 2 dice cups, 3 sets (3*30) Checkers, 3 sets playing surface, SPECIAL PACKAGING  and FREE SHIPPING

Just Dream ! 

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