Benoit Tanton (France)

I'm entirely satisfied. It is a really exceptional product. 
I like very much the design of the pipes, the colour of the mahogany wood, the colour and the size of the checkers and also the "sound" of the wood, of the dices. 
The pictures of your website can't show really the beauty of the product. 
Thank you so much for your patience, your listening and above all for your professionalism.

Bekir Barbaros (UK):

Excellent board and great customer service. Couldn't be happier with purchase.

Tobias Bilz ( Germany )

All I can say about this real beauty of a Backgammonboard is: it is more than I wanted or expected. I opened the package-and I was immediately happy.  

Communication with Onur was a real (!) pleasure, totally reliable and helpful over the whole process, shipping was incredibly fast(Turkey-Germany: less than 3 days), a perfectly fitting leather bag is included, colors are perfect -it’s just beautiful. And : it sounds great when you move the checkers hitting the board or each other!  

All photos I took doesn’t represent how it looks in real life. It’s much much better in reality. 

If somebody wants a beautiful wooden board 

which I’m sure will stay for many many years-just buy this.

Christina Elias ( USA )

FM Gammon creates incredibly beautiful boards with weight, resonance, sleekly contoured dice cups, and an amazing playing surface!  They also provide top-notch customer service. They will work with you personally to create every nuance you desire for your surface, logo, colors, checkers and case. They pack their boards taking every precaution to insure your board arrives ready for tournament play.  Each board includes a scoreboard,  precision dice, a leather carrying case. Even the unique doubling cube that stores dice perfectly can be personalized. 

I will cherish my lovely oak FM Gammon board with my personalized logo and engraved case. I am sure it will age well and bring me lots of luck for a lifetime!

Tomonori Adachi ( Thailand )

This stunningly sighing board is the result of a wonderful blend of my imagination with the creativity of your designer Mr. Ali and the craftsmen.
And I would like to thank Mr. Onur for taking the time to patiently deal with me on board making.
FMgammon has embodied the backgammon board that I imagined.
I'm really looking forward to arriving safely at my hand.
Thank you very much for FMgammon.
Backgammon is the spice of life.


Justin McKenna

This gorgeous and substantial board was shipped to me in Northern California and arrived in perfect condition from Istanbul in an incredible four days. Amazing shipping time. The board is simply stunning, with gorgeous checkers and a smooth felt playing surface that appears to have sewn on points, but which is a butter smooth printed playing surface. My favorite thing about the board is the almost hypnotic and rich sound of the checkers hitting the wood frame during play. It’s an incredibly beautiful sound, but without the clatter of dice hitting a wood playing surface. I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with the quality of this board, as well as the little extras, like two sets of 14mm precision dice, a scoreboard, and even a COVID mask with FM’s logo on it. Truly a top-notch company and board all around. Thank you so much Fuat, Onur, and everyone at FMGammon. Cheers! J.M.

Meik Albert

Less than a week from order to production to arrival in Germany, that's great! Thanks a lot for that! The delivery was not only super fast, but also very well and safely packed! 

The order was complete and 100% what I was hoping for. The board and all accessories are of very good quality, with very good value for the money. 

So I am completely satisfied and I will recommend you as a trustworthy seller with very friendly support! 

Thank you very much for the smooth transaction.

Raymond AGER ( France )

Delighted to let you know that my board has just arrived - I wasn't expecting such a quick delivery! 

It's absolutely beautiful - I particularly like the very authentic "wood effect" playing surface, it looks so real. And with 2 sets of checkers too, that's very generous of you. 

I can't wait for the first game. 

Thank you so much for being so helpful and of course, for your skill and craft in producing a wonderful board.

Greg Devlin ( USA )

I ordered this board last week from FMGammon.  Onur from FMG was very helpful through the process of the board selection and options. This set is beautiful! I love the faux wood surface, the checkers, and the precision dice which were included. FM also threw in the updated scoreboard. Most amazing - I ordered the board on a Thursday, and it arrived from Istanbul to San Francisco on Monday!  Well done FMGammon!

San Rozans

I just wanted to reach out and say the backgammon set arrived. It is even more wonderful than I could have imagined! Thank you and the team at FM Gammon!

Michael Norberg

Yesterday your shipment with the Hamdi board arrived here safely in South Korea and the board is amazing.

I'm very happy with my new board and it looks stunningly beautiful. 
Thanks for your great service and being so generous and adding

an additional set of checkers. I will recommend your boards to other players. Thanks for this smooth and professional transaction.

FM Gammon rocks and everyone being serious about the game should consider buying one of their boards!

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